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Cultivating more compassionate and

grief-informed work spaces ... one organization at a time.


Millions of workers, in both small and large organizations, are experiencing grief and loss right now.


the economic impact of grief and loss

Lost productivity and absenteeism related to grief costs employers in the United States $75-100 billion annually.

organizational readiness

Few businesses have grief-focused strategies in place prior to employees experiencing a death or major life event.


Our Mission

At Bloomwell, we not only teach organizations how to build compassionate, grief-informed cultures, but also train managers and HR professionals to support employees navigating grief and loss. Our mission is to help organizations skillfully address grief and loss through both evidence-based and innovative approaches.


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How We Work

Bloomwell partners with organizations of all sizes to:

  • tailor training solutions to each team;
  • help managers develop language to address grief and loss;
  • support HR professionals to provide grief-informed input; and
  • contribute to the design of grief-friendly policies and organizational practices.


Core Training Sequence


Module 3

Recognizing Grief Paradigms & Nurturing a Responsive Workforce

Module 5

Establishing & Maintaining Safe Environments

Module 1

Cultivating Grief-Informed Management Practices

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Module 2

Outlining Key Elements of Grief-Informed Management Practices

Module 6

Quantifying & Questioning Management Progress

Module 4

Examining Evidence-Based & Emerging Practices

Our Story

Having experienced three significant losses within the past decade, each of which occurred throughout my time in the corporate space, I not only appreciate loss, but also its impact within the workplace. (Mekel)

I had to cope with a significant loss as I was just entering the workforce. I am committed to raising grief awareness and bringing accessible, evidence-based and engaging grief education to all around the world. (Janet)

Together, we want to help managers level-up their emotional intelligence.


What others are saying Bloomwell ...

Quotation Mark

Bloomwell brings the perfect balance of professionalism and empathy to their work. Their ability to deliver compassionate, grief-informed care for organizations is grounded in their lived experiences. Collectively, Janet and Mekel have harnessed their own grief and turned it into an opportunity to help others. I would highly recommend Bloomwell to any organization.

Kelly Campbell, Leadership and Grief Coach


The Team


Mekel Harris, Ph.D., Partner

Dr. Mekel Harris is a Memphis-based licensed psychologist. She is a speaker, author and expert in grief and loss. She has more than 20 years of experience helping others navigate, as well as thrive, in the midst of life's imperfect moments.

Janet Gwilliam-Wright, M.P.A., Partner

Janet has fifteen years experience leading large organizational change and working on complex policy issues. A leader in the grief and loss space, Janet founded the Motherlove Project, a global platform for motherless daughters.

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