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Hi, we’re Bloomwell, a training and ​consulting firm that helps organizations ​successfully navigate grief and loss in the ​workplace.

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A Message from Our Founders

We co-founded Bloomwell after realizing that there is a lot of work to do when ​it comes to supporting people with grief and loss at work. We know managers ​and leaders are struggling to meet the challenges at work, when things are ​changing so quickly and the expectations get higher every day. Managers are ​expected to have emotional intelligence but don’t get the training they need. ​When employees experience grief and loss, most organizations struggle to know ​how to help. That’s where we come in.

We have both lived through significant losses in our lives and know how just how ​important it is to have the right support at work. We’re on a mission to build more ​compassionate work places, one organization at a time. We look forward to ​working with you.

Mekel and Janet

Meet Mekel and Janet

Mekel Harris, Ph.D., Co-Founder

Dr. Mekel Harris, Ph.D., NCSP, PMH-C, CAGCS is a ​Memphis-based licensed psychologist. She is a speaker, ​author and expert in grief and loss. She has more than 20 ​years of experience helping others navigate, as well as ​thrive, in the midst of life's imperfect moments.

Janet Gwilliam-Wright, M.P.A., Co-Founder

Janet has over twenty years of experience leading large ​organizational change and working on complex policy issues in ​Canada. A leader in the grief and loss space, Janet founded ​the Motherlove Project, a global platform for motherless ​daughters. Janet lives in Ottawa, Canada with her family.

Key Benefits of Bloomwell Training:

  • Increased employee well-being: Grief education helps employees cope with grief and loss, ​reducing stress levels and improving mental health, leading to higher overall well-being among ​employees.

  • Improved employee engagement: When employees feel supported during times of grief and loss, ​they are more likely to feel valued by the company, increasing their engagement and commitment ​to the organization.

  • Enhanced productivity: Employees who receive support are better equipped to return to work ​after experiencing a significant loss.

  • Reduced turnover: Supporting employees through grief can help retain talent. Employees are more ​likely to stay with a company that shows empathy and provides resources during difficult times.

  • Strengthened culture: A culture that acknowledges and supports grief and loss fosters trust, ​empathy, and mutual respect among coworkers, all essential elements for a high performing ​organization.

Training and Grief Education Services


Workshops and Seminars

We provide interactive ​sessions on topics such as ​the basics of grief and loss, ​understanding grief and loss ​at work how to support ​grieving colleagues.

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Leadership Development

We equip leaders with the ​skills and knowledge to lead ​through loss with a high level ​of emotional intelligence ​and knowledge of grief and ​loss in the workplace.

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Manager Training

We have a six module training ​program for managers ​designed to increase ​managers’ communication and ​interpersonal skills

Consulting Services

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Policy Development

We assist organizations in ​creating or updating ​bereavement policies and ​procedures that are ​compassionate and ​supportive.

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Crisis Management

We provide guidance during ​times of organizational loss, ​such as the death of an ​employee, to ensure a ​supportive response.

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Program Design

We support organizations in ​designing programs for ​employees on mental health ​and bereavement.

Everyone could benefit from this training...

Quotation Mark

"This was authentic and applicable workshop content. The two presenters ​were so genuine and effective. I think this session should be encouraged more ​broadly across UBC. Everyone could benefit from this!!"

Workshop participant feedback, University of British Columbia

The perfect balance of professionalism and ​empathy...

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Bloomwell brings the perfect balance of professionalism and empathy to their ​work. Their ability to deliver compassionate, grief-informed care for ​organizations is grounded in their lived experiences. Collectively, Janet and ​Mekel have harnessed their own grief and turned it into an opportunity to help ​others. I would highly recommend Bloomwell to any organization.

Kelly Campbell, Leadership and Grief Coach

Mekel and Janet’s combined experience and commitment are ​remarkable...

Quotation Mark

"As a licensed marriage and family therapist, grief group/retreat facilitator and a ​griever myself, I understand the profound impact that grief and loss can have on ​individuals, couples and families both in and out of the workplace. By providing ​invaluable expertise, resources and guidance, Bloomwell ensures that employees ​receive the support they need to navigate their grief with dignity and care. This not ​only fosters a more compassionate workplace but also promotes overall well-being ​and productivity. Mekel and Janet’s combined experience, along with their personal ​and professional commitment to making a difference in people’s lives, is ​remarkable."

Stacy McCrory, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Owner of TwoCan Retreats

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